Caffénation - Kenya KEN Kirinyaga Kii AB (levering week 33)

€ 10,00
Caffénation - Kenya KEN Kirinyaga Kii AB (levering week 33)
  • Nice citrus zest acidity
  • Notes of lychee and rum fruit punch
  • Berry sweetness

Region: On the slopes of Mount Kenya

Altitude: Around 1800 masl

Corporation: Rungeto

Variety: SL 28 & 34, Batian

Importer: Sucafina Specialty

Rob Says: Are you ready for the comeback of this classic? Although it’s 5 years ago we last bought a Kii lot, i remember this coffee as it was yesterday. The Kii, together with the other well known factories located nearby, Kiangoi and Karimikui, has always been very well known for it’s almost perfect processing, balanced flavor profile and fantastic acidity. All three factories are since ages united under the Rungeto Coop Society.

Kirinyaga has a mix of smallholders and block holders with small to medium farms. The ones that don’t have their own processing equipment delivers cherries to their local Cooperative. Most coffees are grown under shade from Gravelia and Muringa Alloevella trees. Many of the farmers are surrounded by several wetmills. They are free to choose where they want to deliver their cherries as members.