19grams - Orang Utan Sumatra Espresso (Levertijd 2 weken)

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Cupping score: 86.5



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About this coffee

The Orang Utan coffee is a project coffee from Sumatra. The project supports local coffee farmers in improving living and growing conditions. We have roasted these beans for espresso.


The Project
The Orang Utan Project is committed to the sustainable cultivation of coffee in the rainforest without exploiting it. Since the rainforest has shrunk especially in recent years, and flora and fauna, but also our climate are massively threatened, this project coffee is particularly important to us:

Orang Utan coffee comes from the Gayo Highlands, in Central Aceh, just north of the equator. This coffee is as rare as it is delicate in its flavor profile and tastes great both as a filter and as an espresso. The diversity of the rainforest provides a special climate that Sumatra needs for its unique Arabica coffees. The outstanding Arabica trees thrive mainly on the steep slopes of the crater, where the growing conditions are optimal due to the adjacent rainforest.

The rainforest is the habitat of many endangered species - including the Sumatran orangutan. The ongoing destruction of tropical rainforests threatens its existence - but also that of the farmers. It is therefore important that smallholders recognize and protect the importance of rainforests to their livelihoods.
The Orang Utan Coffee Growers manage their coffee farms according to strict Orang Utan guidelines, which are a combination of the Indonesian National Standards for Organic Agriculture SNI and are essentially similar to the Swiss standards for organic agriculture.

The farms

The Orang Utan Coffee Project aims for a holistic sustainable approach focusing on social responsibility and the protection of tropical rainforests with their unique biodiversity and their important role in global climate change mitigation: This project brings together the exclusively micro farmers who have owned one or two hectares for several generations. The following are the basic rules under which the orangutan farmers operate:
- they do not use agricultural chemicals such as artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.
- agree not to clear tropical rainforest to expand their farmland.
- agree not to hunt, capture or trade protected animal or plant species.

For more information, visit the project's website.

Indonesia as a cultivation area
Coffee has been grown in Indonesia since the 16th century. Supposedly, the first coffee plants were a gift from the Dutch governor of Malabar in India to the governor of Jakarta. But the ship sank in a flood off Jakarta in 1696. The governor was sent a second shipment, which arrived in 1699 (apparently).

Another peculiarity of Indonesian coffees is their very different taste. Also, the growing conditions are very difficult, so many Robusta varieties are grown here, as they are more resistant than Arabica coffee plants. A widely used processing method is semi-washed, which gives the coffees a strong body with few acids in the cup.