19grams - Los Azacuanes - El Salvador (Levertijd 2 weken)

€ 14,90

Cupping score: 87,25



  • Amandelen
  • Framboos
  • Nougat


About this coffee

Red Bourbon is known for its balanced and fruity flavor profile. So is this lot from Los Azacuanes: Nutty notes of almond meet the acidity of raspberry. With an after-taste of nougat.

About the coffee

Carlos Mendez has been growing coffee on the Los Azacuanes estate in El Salvador for years. The lot we roast for you is a red bourbon, a naturally occurring typica mutation. The coffee was processed naturally, which is also known as the dry process. In this process, the entire coffee cherry is placed in the sun and turned regularly so that it dries evenly. The drying process takes between 25 to 30 days and takes place on African beds. African beds are elevated wooden structures that allow the cherry to have good airflow and not mold. This process has the potential to produce very aromatic coffees with particularly sweet and fruity flavors by drying the bean in the fruit.

About the farm

Los Azacuanes farm is located near the town of Ataco at about 1,350 meters above sea level. They are owned by the family group of Gerardo and Carlos Mendez Florez and were named in honor of some migratory birds that signal the change of seasons. In order to protect the environment and the birds, and to create special microclimates for the ideal coffee cultivation, the coffee trees here are grown in the shade.

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