19grams - Los Tres Potros - El Salvador (Levertijd 2 weken)

€ 15,90

Cupping score: 89



  • Ananas
  • Melkchocolade
  • Nougat


About this coffee

The beans have been processed 'Natural' and we have lightly roasted them so that the silky smooth texture comes out well. We also taste fruity pineapple, and warm notes of milk chocolate and sweet nougat.

About the coffee

Our Los Tres Potros coffee (which means "The three Colts" - but more on that later) a flavorful stunner, very deserving of the Cup of Excellence award.

The Pacamara variety is a cross between the Pacas and Maragogype varieties. It was created in 1958 in El Salvador. Pacamara combines the best characteristics of these two varieties. It is characterized by particularly large, red cherries with a fruity and chocolaty taste. The Pacas variety is a natural mutation of the well-known Bourbon bean, while the Maragogype is a mutation of the Typica variety, first discovered in Brazil. It is also called "elephant bean" because its plants produce large leaves and beans.

The Pacamara is a costly Arabica variety that requires a lot of care. But the effort is worth it: Los Tres Potros produces incredibly clear coffees, with fine, balanced aromas and a concise character. These flavor profiles - creamy textures, tropical fruit nuances, and sweet highlights - also helped them score at the 2018 El Salvador Cup Of Excellence.

About the farm

Los Tres Potros is family owned, but managed by GECA Coffee. Owner Nora Silvia Cabezas de Mendez Florez is from the Apaneca area, located in the department of Ahuachapan. She bought the farm, which is located 1,500 meters above sea level and measures 8,000 m2, in 2001. The family has one goal: to grow Specialty Coffee of outstanding quality. They grow Pacamara plants at 1500 meters above sea level. The name of the farm means "The Three Colts" - this is derived from the three sons: besides their love for coffee, they also love horses. The farm, like the Pacamara trees, is still very young and therefore produces outstanding cup quality. In 2016, their coffees scored over 91 points on the cupping score. This earned them the "Exceptional quality for the World" award, as well as the title of "Presidential Coffee."