Caffènation - Honduras Marcala FINCA LAS LOMAS Natural (levering week 33)

€ 10,50
Caffènation - Honduras Marcala FINCA LAS LOMAS Natural (levering week 33)
  • Heavy on ferment with a winey acidity
  • Tastes like sugar coated fruit
  • Notes of caramelized pineapple

Producer: Marysabel Caballero & Moises Herrera

Variety: Catuai

Processing: Extended fermentation Natural

Lot: Microlot #1

Price paid to producer: USD 7/Kg green exportable coffee

Importer: Nordic Approach

Rob Says: This is an extended fermentation lot. Moises has used a new technique here, bagging the cherry in GrainPro bags after it is picked and letting it ferment for three days and then drying the whole cherry on raised beds. For washed coffee it doesn’t make a big difference, but for natural processed coffees it give the beans much more funk, or fermented flavors.

While natural, or dry processed, coffees were at first an African speciality, we notice the last couple of years bigger body and funkier results when processed at Central American origins. In 2021 it is even more difficult to find great washed Centrals than naturals.

It is at your own risk to add milk to these babies, but please let me know your thoughts…..