Caffènation - mister LGB Sombrero 1KG (levering week 33)

€ 34,00
Caffènation - mister LGB Sombrero 1KG (levering week 33)


½  Honduras Masaguara INTUBUCA COLLECTIVE

½  Ethiopia Yirgacheffe CHELBESSA (organic)

After the big success of our Sunny Days blend, we stick to the same formula of blending a clean washed Ethiopian with a splendid washed coffee from the other side of the ocean, this time Honduras.
The INTUBUCA COLLECTIVE coffee is surprisingly fruity for a coffee from this area in the world. We taste several kinds of berries, stone fruit, but also tea-rose/hibiscus and a touch of nougat, all excellent stuff to combine with milk.

To complete this Milk-loving Mister LGB blend we combine this with a coffee from our 90+ series; CHELBESSA.
This grade one classified coffee is a typical Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee showcasing fantastic acidity, fruity notes and classic tea-like flavors. It's also a tad stronger than the Intubuca, for supplying us enough power to balance with full fat and sweet milk.

Of course our roasting is relatively light, which means this blend should be a great compagnion for all filter coffee brewing as well.

Price wise we like to be fully transparent about our coffees. Average FOB prices, this is Free On Board or the price paid at the exit of the country, for these two coffees are $6,57/Kg. On top of that comes transportation, insurance, climate controlled storage costs, handling and excise duties before hitting our own Caffenation pakt warehouse. 

Enjoy the this one folks.